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Platform Stats

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7,4 Mio

total green coffee exports
(60kg bags)

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sustainable sales
of total green coffee exports

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0 / 100%

robusta vs. arabica
percentage of green coffee exports

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number of
smallholder farmers



About the Platform

The Honduras Sustainable Coffee Platform (HSCP) is a new process led by GCP with the support of its partners UTZ and Solidaridad, with the purpose to collaborate with the Honduras coffee sector to create a neutral space where stakeholders can discuss strategies and coordination to address sustainability issues such as, the environmentally friendly coffee production, and to improve the consistency of the quality. GCP and its partners want to strengthen the collaboration within the Honduran coffee institutions and the GCP members and stakeholders working in Honduras.

Chair: To be defined in 2018
Secretariat: GCP

Platform Stats

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with UTZ and Solidaridad to accelerate
the impact of sustainability programs

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key coffee sector stakeholders
now agree on creating a neutral space

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Key international organizations are interested
in supporting the country

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Stakeholders have drafted the strategic
approach to constitute the platform


  • Maintain and improve consistency in coffee quality across the supply chain
  • Foster a sustainable and environmentally friendly coffee production

Recent Achievements

Establish its vision, mission, and strategic objectives

Visualize its governance structure to be defined in 2018

Prioritize sustainability coffee issues as inputs to the work plan 2018-2019

How do I get involved?

Supporting the work of Honduras Sustainable Coffee Platform is easy. Simply fill in the form below and we’ll set you up with everything you need to start collaborating and contributing to strengthen the power and setup the future of Honduras’s coffee sector.