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Platform Stats

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28 Mio

total coffee exports
(60kg bags)

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sustainable sales
of total exports

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95 / 5

robusta vs. arabica
percentage of sales

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About the Platform

The Vietnam Coffee Coordination Board (VCCB) is an advisory body which sits under the Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Development (MARD), with the ambition to become an independent board in the future.

Established in 2013, it focuses on influencing policy, advising ministries, providing and sharing information, increasing dialogue and communication within the sector and representing Vietnam in the international coffee sector.

Chair: The Vice-Minister of MARD

Milestones 2017

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Key policies

related to coffee development fund, access to finance, coffee varieties and water management have been consulted and communicated to the Platform's stakeholders through meetings, workshops and field trips

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Platform's maturity

thanks to a stronger connection between the public and private sector. Several events encourage members to become more active and engage into the Platform's activity

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GCP Progress'

pilot is been tested on the field to improve and measure sustainable coffee practices for Vietnamese farmers. The tool also aims identify gaps and provide data for trainings conducted by Vietnamese Government.

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Work with DPP

(Department of Plant Protection) on recognizing and changing list of pesticides used in Vietnam. The DPP is under the Ministry of Agriculture & Rural development.


  • To increase the scale and capacity of the VCCB in coordination role and policy advocacy
  • To optimize management and use of water resources
  • To revise National Sustainability Curriculum (NSC) in adaptation to climate change
  • To promote proper use of agrochemical in coffee production
  • To digitalize the coffee sector through the use of the information system
  • To engage more members

Recent Achievements

Hosted a learning experience exchange workshop on sustainable coffee production models in Dak Lak province to empower farmers

Assessed the current status of coffee varieties quality, nurseries, and intercropping models in the Central Highlands, and organized the workshop on sharing the results and consulting the sector actors for solutions. The assessment has been agreed to scale up with the funding of Vietnam - Sustainable Agriculture Transformation (VnSAT) Project

Developed the NSC assurance system to measure the adoption of sustainable production practices at farm level

Organized the workshop on alignment with the relevant actors on developing the main functions of the information system, and getting the commitment of the local authorities for the pilot of the system in near future

Updated the current NSC with 3 new modules (Water management, pest management, and climate change adaptation)

Organized the technical tour to the demo-farms of production sub-committee to assess the status of these in compliance with the agreed standard.

How do I get involved?

Supporting the work of the Vietnamese Coffee Coordination Board is easy. Simply fill in the form below and we’ll set you up with everything you need to start collaborating and contributing to the future of Vietnam’s coffee sector.